unknown Uzun Hasan Khan Princess Theodora Comneni

Sultan Haidar Halima Alam Shah Begum Agha

Shah Ismail I

l i n k s
Children with:
Tajlu Khanum
Khani Begum Khanum

Ismail brother

Shahzada 'Abdu'l Fath Mirza Tahmaseb I
Shahzada 'Alqasp Mirza
Shahzada Sam Mirza
Shahzada Rustam Mirza
Shahzada 'Abdu'l Fath Bahram Mirza
Shah Ismail I
  • Born: 17th July 1487
  • Married to daughter of Abdu Beg Shamlu
  • Married to Tajlu Khanum
  • Married 1512 to Khani Begum Khanum
  • Married to Bihruza Khanum
  • Married 4th November 1523, Tabriz, to daughter of Shaikh Shah
  • Died: 23 may 1524, Ardebeil
  • Occupation: Shahanshah of Persia

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    Imprisoned with his brother and mother at Isfahan 1489-1493, nominated Grand Master of the Safavi Order 1494, and took refuge in Lahijan 1494-1499, conquered Shirwan 1500 and defeated the Aq Quyunlu, 1501. His Empire extended from Baghdad in the West to Herat in the East. Proclaimed as Shahanshah and crowned at Tabriz, July 1501. Established Shi'ism as the state religion.

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