Sultan Haidar Halima Alam Shah Begum Agha Isa bin Bakar Musullu

Shah Ismail I Tajlu Khanum

Shahzada 'Abdu'l Fath Mirza Tahmaseb I

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Children with:
Zohra Bachi Khanum
Slave1 Circassian slave
Slave 3
daughter of Musa Sultan bun 'Isa Musullu of the Aq Quyunlu
sister of Shamkyl
Sultanzada Khanum

Shahzada 'Alqasp Mirza
Shahzada Sam Mirza
Shahzada Rustam Mirza
Shahzada 'Abdu'l Fath Bahram Mirza

Shahzada Sultan Muran Mirza Shah Muhammad Khuda Banda
Shahzada Ismail Mirza Shah Ismail II
Shahzada Murad Mirza
Shahzada Sulaiman Mirza
Shahzada Haidar Mirza
) Shahzada Mustafa Mirza
Shahzada Sultan Mahmud Mirza
Shahzada Imam Quli Mirza
Shahzada Sultan 'Ali Mirza
Shahzada Imam Quli Mirza - x Name may be wrong
Shahzada Zainal Abidin Mirza
Shahzada Musa Mirza
Shahzadi Pari Khan Khanum
Shahzadi Fatima Sultan Begum
Shahzadi Mariam Begum
Shahzadi Shahbanu Begum
Shahzadi Begum
Shahzadi Khadija Begum
  • Born: 3rd March 1513, Shahabad
  • Married to daughter of Musa Sultan bun 'Isa Musullu of the Aq Quyunlu
  • Married to sister of Shamkyl
  • Married to Sultanzada Khanum
  • Married to Zohra Bachi Khanum
  • Died: 14th May 1576, Qazvin, poisoned
  • Occupation: King of Persia

    pict57.jpg [193x106]
    educ. privately. Governor of Khorasan 1515-1521. Succeeded on the death of his father, 23rd May 1524. Entered into commercial relations with the English Muscovy Co. 1561-1563. buried in Mashad

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