Sultan Haidar Halima Alam Shah Begum Agha

Shah Ismail I

Shahzada Sam Mirza

l i n k s
Children with:
daughter of Husain Khan-e Shamlu

Shahzada 'Abdu'l Fath Mirza Tahmaseb I
Shahzada 'Alqasp Mirza
Shahzada Rustam Mirza
Shahzada 'Abdu'l Fath Bahram Mirza

Shahzada 'Arif Ardabili Mirza
Shahzadi Khanum
Shahzada Sam Mirza
  • Born: 8th September 1517, Tabriz
  • Married to daughter of Husain Khan-e Shamlu
  • Died: 1567
  • Occupation: Governor of Khorasan 1521

    Author and man of letters. Rebelled against his brother Tahmasp, captured and imprisoned at the Fortress of Qahqahan

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